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Some people have been helped with phone calls, they are not shown here unless they sent me an email.


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Monday 29 December 2014


Thank you so much for all of your help both with Mac tips and CAC info.  I added the Amazon link to my favorites and will contact you soon for some 8.1 tips?




Monday 29 December 2014


Thank you so much for all of your help both with Mac tips and CAC info.  I will contact you soon for Windows 8.1 tips.




Wednesday 10 December 2014

I did as you said this evening and I'm having flawless access to both AKO and my Enterprise email for the first time in ages. I can't thank you enough! I wish I'd known about your site earlier, consider me a spokesperson for your excellent resource and service. 



Monday 8 December 2014

Chief, thanks so much for the help. I can't believe you do this in your free time. You're certainly providing a tremendous service. Thanks again for the great website!



Sunday 30 November 2014


Thank you for helping millions of people use their CACs for years and be the CAC go to guy for everyone.  Thank you for creating and maintaining the #1 CAC help website that has saved many peoples lives including mine!  Thank you for all the invaluable help and advice you have given me and others!  Thank you for sponsoring my AKO account!  I am eternally grateful for all of this.



Wednesday 26 November 2014


Thank you for the video.  I've used content and your videos to my my wife and I out of CAC related frustrations in the past.  This again was a great example of the clear, concise, and helpful instructions the website provides.  Cheers.




Tuesday 25 November 2014


Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.  I followed your instructions and have achieved success.  It seems I had multiple CAC enablers installed on my computer.  After getting down to just one, it now works great.  I great appreciate your assistance and will have your website information posted around my company are for the Soldiers to see.




Friday 21 November 2014


Michael Danberry was the ONLY person on the planet who could explain exactly why I have been unable to access my enterprise email since its inception over two years ago.  This was a point of embarrassment to me personally as an officer and a senior leader.  It was also terribly frustrating, and I would conservatively estimate spending more than 100 hours in those 2 years at every CAC registration place between DC, SOUTHCOM and Salt Lake City trying to gain access, including the AKO Helpdesk and other national resources.  

Michael spent two evenings with me, all of his own time, to explain and repair all that was needed to get me into my account.  I could not be more pleased with the result, or more grateful for the help that NO ONE else could provide.

I would also like to acknowledge the website he created for assistance with all things CAC,  Once I discovered this site, things changed rapidly.  It has capabilities, resources and explanations for everything a soldier might do with a CAC card, and it is updated regularly with up to the minute information to assist soldiers in all areas associated with computers and military CAC card operations.  It is an amazing resource, and one that is privately funded by Michael Danberry.  Can you believe that a soldier would do that on his own? It doesnít happen often, thatís for sure.  

To summarize: thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will be donating to the site and I hope everyone who has an issue is lucky enough or has someone direct them to Michael Danberry and


Mr CS (Navy)

Thursday 20 November 2014


It worked like a champ.  Your website is the greatest and I pass it on to everyone that I come in contact with that wants to access their email on the go.  Keep up the great work and thank you so much for the help and everything you do.




Saturday 15 November 2014


Thank you for all that you do to help our Soldiers with their CAC issues.  It is greatly appreciated!




Saturday 15 November 2014


It is really awesome you are helping out Soldiers like this.



Maj BM (Air Force)

Thursday 13 November 2014


I just wanted to tell you guys thanks!  This website has been a huge help in bypassing all of the DoD system/connectivity restrictions that has enabled me to work from home and spend more time with family.




Monday 3 November 2014


Michael, Your instructions worked with my personal Surface 3 for accessing OWA from home.  Thanks, I was about to give up.




Tuesday 28 October 2014


Michael, Your site is amazing!  Its helped me out numerous times both at home and overseas, and I would like to help keep it running.  Thanks for all of the help using my CAC with Mac.



CDR JF (Navy)

Monday 27 October 2014


Thank you for all of your help.  You have been much more supportive than my own IT dept which doesn't know Macs.




Thursday 23 October 2014


Thank you so much for this website. It's got everything I need for configuring new computers.




Wednesday 22 October 2014


I appreciate your assistance, especially knowing that you do this on top of your real job.  Your site has been a real godsend for so many I know, including me.




Wednesday 15 October 2014


I really appreciate what you do.  You are generous with your time and expertise.  I hope this small token expresses my gratitude.  You have helped me to remain productive and care for my Soldiers by accessing important docs and sites from home on my Mac.  Muchos




Sunday 12 October 2014


Thank you so much, I was able to read my email via OWA AND access my DTS on my iMac computer, again, than you so much!!!




Saturday 11 October 2014


Chief, I just upgraded from a standard disk to an SSD, had to re-install all software.  AKO / EE / etc would be literally impossible to access without your advice on your website. 


Super ginormous big tanks from me.  You are great.




Friday 10 October 2014


I needed help signing my OER at home.  I'm very pleased to say I did it using your website!! Hooah!!!! Love that Chief!!!!  Thank you for helping us with an awesome website!!!!!  You rock!!!!




Tuesday 30 September 2014


Thanks for all of your excellent documentation that has enabled us to go 100% Mac for signing time sheets, using DTS, and Outlook Web Mail.  My sanity is thankful.




Sunday 28 September 2014


You are the best.  You are the guru in setting up CAC.  I struggled so hard for almost 2 weeks, ending up blocking my Military ID.  After getting my ID unblocked, your assistance via phone and remote assistance fixed the problem instantaneously.  Now I am able to log in to my and AKO via my CAC without any issue.  Problem solved.  Many thanks to you and your knowledge about computers, CAC and CAC readers.




Sunday 7 September 2014


I like how you have kept the Military CAC page updated.  It's been resourceful for my Soldiers.





Sunday 24 August 2014


You are SOOO awesome!  I had watched all of your videos except that one, and as it turned out I had to uncheck "enable protected mode."  One little check mark...  Thanks again, you are amazing!




Saturday 9 August 2014


Thanks for your responsiveness and for all that you do for all of us with your website




Friday 8 August 2014


Thanks for sharing information about RASXTRA, this worked perfectly.  I can't thank you enough for helping me from getting kicked off the network again, and for working on my laptop.  You have provided me with more assistance in the last couple months (which only included one face to face meeting, one telephone call, and one email) than I have received in the last four years from anyone else.  You are, by far, and amazing asset.  I wish you the best in your future endeavors.




Tuesday 5 August 2014


Thank you for making this site.  You've been a tremendous help on numerous occasions.




Friday 1 August 2014


Thank you for maintaining such and informative site.  As a Mac user, it's helped me a lot over the last few years.  You are a force multiplier




Wednesday 30 July 2014


Michael, Thanks for the incredibly useful site--I've used it again and again (more often once I switched to Macs) and it's inevitably_the_resource that gets me up and running again.  Great work; thanks for serving the community by doing what DoD should probably have a contract for (don't get me started on Macs not being supported by the EE help desk...)



Mr PS (Navy)

Monday 28 July 2014


Thanks so much!  Do you know that the NAVY IT Help line told me to go to your website to set up my Windows 8.1 laptop!  You need to start charging them!




Thursday 24 July 2014


I just wanted to drop you a short email to say "thanks" for putting together the website.  Both my wife and I are wrapping up tours at our current duty station and will be heading over to the National War College at NDU. Since NDU now has a "Bring Your Own Device" policy, we decided to purchase new 2-in-1 laptops that would allow us to complete the readings using the tablet and write our papers using the laptop mode. Since we need to be able to access CAC enabled websites during the next year without having access to a .mil network, we are working to be able to utilize our CACs on our new 2-in-1s.  It is amazing how little information is provided by the services, and were it not for your website, we would be dead in the water.  I want you to know that the time you spend keeping the information updated (we have Windows 8.1 and IE 11 on the new devices) and accessible to members of each of the armed forces is extremely helpful and I
wanted to make sure I passed along a note of thanks.

Thanks again for the great work on the website and for helping the rest of us stay connected.


LCDR LM (Navy)

Monday 30 June 2014


Step 1 worked!!  I can't thank you enough!  The USN should rid themselves of the SPAWAR contract (who's helpdesk BTW referred you to me after not being able to resolve my issue) and instead contract with you.  :)  Thank you again!




Thursday 26 June 2014


I was getting the message "no valid certificate" etc and couldn't sign my OER in the new EES system.  Your tip to uncheck "enable protected mode" was the key to getting it done.  This is the second time you have helped me out with CAC issues, and I appreciate it.  Thank you for sharing your expertise.




Thursday 26 June 2014


Michael, I'm sorry for the delay.  I should have sent some money years ago.  It just hit me today that I'm always using your site to get into and other CAC enabled sites.  So, anyway, you earned more than this donation.  Thank you..for making my life hell by being able to work at home.  Just kidding.




Monday 23 June 2014


Thanks for keeping this site up to date.  Unfortunately I have to use MilitaryCAC more than expected to keep my home computer "CAC ready."



Mr CJ (Contractor)

Friday 20 June 2014


I just want to say that your website has been such a great help to my user and I these past three years.  I wouldn't have been able to support them so well without it.. thanks for all you do!!




Thursday 19 June 2014


Dang Mike, your a freakin' genius!  Who are you?  Active Duty? Some sort of IT Superman?!  I ran the MalWare bytes program, it detected and fixed some issues.  I've logged into my top 5 CAC websites with no problems.  Such a simple fix, and I've been fighting this issue for so long.





Wednesday 18 June 2014


Thank You!!  I wasted hours trying to log in to webmail before I found your website.  With your advice on the compatibility tab I was good to go in minutes.




Friday 6 June 2014


Thanks very much Chief.  I have to tell you that all you have done and

continue to do on the CAC resource site is wonderful and many, many Soldiers

use that resource.



Sunday 25 May 2014


Thanks for the help.  It never ceases to amaze me how you juggle this with all else.  Please be aware that your efforts are more than appreciated.  Have a great weekend and try to get away from the computer  :)



CPT TQ (email sent to my supervisor)

Tuesday 13 May 2014


I just wanted to reach out and give my thanks and the strongest recognition
possible for CW3 Danberry. I have spent approximately 20 hours over the last  several weeks trying to reconcile my browser, CAC, Java, and Enterprise email - and I have spent countless hours with customer service reps from Enterprise, DMDC, Army Publishing Directorate and local DEERS sites, and nobody was able to resolve all the issues collectively until CW3 Danberry.  Most importantly, I appreciate CW3 Danberry for simply taking responsibility of the issue until the problem was resolved. This is unfortunately too rare a quality in technical service today, and I sincerely appreciate his commitment to helping fellow MIRC soldiers.

CW3 Danberry is a tremendous asset to the MIRC and soldiers like me in the field. I understand that he also manages, which is probably the best single resource available to reconcile these disjointed and complex information systems. In my opinion, he should be training the other technical service reps at Enterprise, DMDC and Army Publishing Directorate. For what it's worth, I'd like to offer my sincerest thanks for him going above and beyond, and hope that he is recognized for his selfless service.




Monday 12 May 2014


Best regards, and keep up the good work!  If it was not for your efforts there would be a lot more administrative pain and suffering in the Army!




Saturday 10 May 2014


I FINALLY got my EEmail to work at home thanks to your updated instructions at MilitaryCAC!  I've been down on my home PCs for the last few months since the last Windows / Internet Explorer "update," but now I am back up and running!  


I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your efforts!  I'll make sure the rest of my troops at my unit visit your page who are having the same issue that I was!


Much appreciated!




Thursday 8 May 2014


Thank you very much for the well built site and step by step instructions.  I will be directing other at-home CAC users to your site whenever possible.




Thursday 1 May 2014


Experiencing challenges setting up DTS on my personal laptop, my problem was ultimately resolved with ease by going to first rather than go through other "how to" sites.  My wife, who was a former IT Director for a patent attorney law firm, was personally inspired by your base of knowledge and simplistic delivery of great problem solving information.  Your website is extremely efficient, accurate, and up to date which shows tremendous dedication and talent.  My wife has demanded that I direct my Soldiers to exploit militaryCAC when they experience any type of military computer related issue which, as you know, can cripple on line training and readiness.  I will do just that!  Thanks Chief



Capt RG (USAF)

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Chief,  I am the Captain that you assisted Saturday night in identifying the malware on my computer and finally getting it to work.  I had literally spent about 30 hours with various members of my unit's IT department (including another 4.5 hours on that Saturday working my computer prior to calling you).  I really appreciate all that you did!  If you are ever out in Arizona please let me know so I can buy you a drink!



Wednesday 16 April 2014


Your website is awesome!!! Saved me from so many headaches with my new Windows 8.1 computer and IE 11.  Just the CAC help alone is great, but then I ran into a DTS issue and BAM.  Who helped again?  You did!  Great job Sir!




Tuesday 8 April 2014


Your videos are OUTSTANDING!!!  With all the software upgrades on personal computers and the military constantly security updates, the simple things such as signing an OER or making travel arrangements have become a massive headache - but thanks to you, service members are able to correct their computer/software issues on their own.  Kudos to you and all your patience!



CDR KP (Navy)

Tuesday 8 April 2014


You really are a tremendous help!  I send folks to your site all the time.  Most don't have the patience or stamina to figure our their own problems... even with all the expert advice / resources you provide.



Thursday 21 March 2014


Great site, it's helped me a lot, thank you




Thursday 20 March 2014


Michael, I want to personally thank you for your incredible work with Your site has been solely responsible for my ability to utilize my CAC on both my PCs and Macs. Most recently, you responded to a problem I was having accessing Enterprise Email. Your support pages ultimately contained the answer, but you took time out of your day to call me and within minutes, you fixed a problem that the government support system refused to support. 

I asked what I could do for you, and you said nothing about donations. I found the donation tab on your site and am proud to have sent money to you.

I send my most sincere thank you for your great service.



Capt MW (USMC)

Wednesday 05 March 2014

..this site is awesome and has saved me so many trips to base.  I always seem to find  a solution on your site for my home CAC reader and it has saved me tons of time and gas money.  Thanks again!



Tuesday 04 March 2014


I am sure you get this on a daily basis, your website is a massive time-saver.  I appreciate the work you invest for others to benefit from your knowledge.



Mr. JM

Saturday 01 March 2014


I recently had to give up my government laptop that had VPN connectivity.   I was forced to use Citrix on my personal computer to connect to my files.  I have a CAC reader installed and successfully connect to OWA and other CAC-enable websites.  When I tried to connect to Citrix, I was queried for my CAC and entered my PIN.  I eventually was asked to enter my username/password/domain - which I do not have.  I checked with my local IT support - no clue how to assist.  I called the Army enterprise help desk - very polite, but would not assist for a personal computer.  I finally remembered to check and was reminded to add '' to compatibility view settings.  Your website saved the day once again!  Thanks for all you do!




Friday 31 January 2014


No problems, because this site is so great.  I just completed the quick tutorial video on how to set up DBSign on my Mac and it works 4.0.  Thanks for doing this  Again, I'm having no problems, just wanted to say thanks.




Wednesday 15 January 2014


No issues here - thanks to your site!!!  Just wanted to send a thank you, your way for the easy to understand and incredibly helpful site you've got to help solve the CAC-related mysteries of life.  For the one millionth time, your site has again solved my problem.  Keep up the awesome work!!




Wednesday 8 January 2014


Thanks, you work a regular job and then do this also?  The information that I have found on your site is amazing and very well put together.  I can't believe you do this on the side.  Thanks for everything that you do, it's greatly appreciated.




Sunday 5 January 2014


Hello Chief Danberry,  I just wanted to thank you very much for the time and energy that you put in towards helping service members with their CAC issues.


I just spent over 12 hours doing nothing, but setting up my PC so that I can download and sign Lotus forms, as well as use the Outlook Web App, AKO, and DTS websites using my CAC.  The process was ridiculously confusing, however there would've been absolutely no way I would've accomplished this if it wasn't for your extensive links and advice.


It is frankly shameful that these types of workarounds are still necessary a few years after these systems were first implemented.  However, I realize that that's not your fault and you've obviously been battling the giants of

ineptitude for the sake and sanity of the American Soldier for some time.


Also, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and rather enjoy your informative and fun videos.


Thanks again!



Saturday 4 January 2014


Thanks Michael for all your help!



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