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Some people have been helped with phone calls, they are not shown here unless they sent me an email.


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Friday 31 December 2010


I also want to add it is really awesome that you dedicate your time to help others.  I think we have lost some of that dedication within our ranks.  So it is nice to see it is still alive.



1st LT JH (USMC)

Wednesday 29 December 2010


I updated my OS to Snow Leopard and I now am able use my CAC card at home.  You were right it is working great. Thank you very much for your help I have told others about your site and they have found it very helpful.  It is idiot proof.

Thanks again.



Sunday 26 December 2010


Thank you so much for all of your work on this site!  It took me hours to get everything working on my first computer; this time, with your site, it took me less than 10 minutes to be up and running.




Friday 24 December 2010


AWESOME!  Thank you for your hard work




Thursday 23 December 2010


Excellent site and great resource!  You saved me a lot of headaches with your step by step tutorial presentation.  Thanks!!




Wednesday 22 December 2010


Congrats Chief! I love Military CAC! It has made the assisting admins part of my life so much easier and, thus, has enriched my life. Thanks for all that you do, Sir!



CEC FD (Navy)

Monday 20 December 2010

                   I cannot say enough how much you have helped me. As I said last night I spent a whole year trying to correct this problem. I have been to all my Navy websites with no problems.  I will be sending you a coin and I will be getting the word out about your website and your personal help. Thanks again and if I have any more issues you will be the first I call thanks again.



Monday 20 December 2010


I followed the site you provided and I was able to access AKO with my cac. I want to thank you very much for your quick respond and support on this issue. Thank you and have a happy holiday.




Tuesday 23 November 2010


I wanted to say thanks for his effort and congratulations to Chief Danberry in his appearance in the Army Times about his support site.




Monday 15 November 2010


Thanks again for your Outstanding Support and Patience...  I appreciate it!!  Thanks also for Your Service to Our Country...  Take Care!



Mrs RS

Thursday 9 December 2010


Hello, thank you for making this site!!  Everything was easy for me to set-up the CAC reader, so my husband can work from home instead of spending his nights on the submarine inputting data.



CDR DM (Navy)

Thursday 9 December 2010


The MilitaryCAC site is awesome.  Great info and great follow up from you.  I appreciate all the help.




Thursday 9 December 2010


Thank you sir! Your site is extremely easy to follow. I now can use my CAC at home thanks to the work you've put into helping us!



Saturday 4 December 2010


Its good to see a fellow warrant have a great resource of a website.




Saturday 3 December 2010


Today I almost pulled my hair out (I am bald), I was trying to log on to AKO with my CAC and resorted to Google a method of curing this dreaded disease.


I came up on your slide show and it worked like a charm.  Listen: thank you a million. Your slides were easy to follow and the print screen embedded pictures is a winner in my book.


Take care and keep coming up with those quick fixes, because it helps the computer helpless like "me" a lot. Please feel free to send any other computer solutions you might have conjured up. I will like to share this with my unit; in fact, I will be using your slides to give a class on fixing this particular problem. Take care.




Monday 29 November 2010


Thanks for the help.  You are certainly the "go to" source for trustworthy information...




Monday 22 November 2010


CW3 Danberry is personable, prompt and pc-knowledgeable...his work ethic and willingness to assist those less CAC reader savvy is exemplary.




Monday 15 November 2010


Good Site - It took me a while to get my net book with Windows 7 - 64 bit into NMCI with SCR 3310.  RTFD really works..  Thanks for the help.  USN RETD - Government Contractor.  Saved me from getting ActivClient...




Friday 5 November 2010


Your website is an invaluable resource!  As a reservist, Firefox user, and computer novice... thank you!  I can finally use my CAC at home!



Mrs. MV

Thursday 4 November 2010


I don't know if you get many kudos for the CAC Resource page on AKO, but you deserve them.  I've installed CAC readers and associated software on many computers, both at work and at home, and your page is always one I look to for the latest information and help when I hit a snag.  I think you have done a great job with it and I hope you can keep it up.  Thanks again for all your assistance with CACS!




Tuesday 2 November 2010


Thanks for your help and this amazing resource.




Monday 1 November 2010


I'm pretty stoked because I finally got my personal Windows7, 64 bit laptop to recognize my CAC reader and new card and I'm logged in to my portal!!!!


Thanks for maintaining your CAC news and info website, I could not have done it without you.



CPT A (via text message)

Wednesday 27 October 2010


Chief, U are a life saver




Monday 25 October 2010


I have an above average computer knowledge, and I had a really hard time installing a new CAC reader on my home PC.  After watching one of your videos, I was able to fix it in a few seconds. 

People like you are the ones who make a difference in our Army, Selfless service and dedication of personal time to improve other Soldiers' performance and efficiency without regard to compensation  or official recognition.  If there is only a handful like you in each unit, the Army will be a much more efficient organization.




Saturday 23 October 2010



Chief, you have an outstanding website! You're a great American for putting this together to help folks navigate the ins and outs of trying to set up a CAC reader!



TSgt CA (Air Force)

Friday 22 October 2010


THANK YOU for putting this website together.  I was having issues with my MacBook and it not being able to login to CAC enabled sites.  I was given your website by our HQ helpdesk to download some root certificates, but the instructions were for Windows.  I sifted through your site and actually found instructions for MAC users.  Not only were your instructions easy to follow, but it was absolutely informative!  Thank you so much because I thought for sure it was a lost cause due to the fact that I'm not a Windows user at home.

Your site overall is so helpful for both Windows and Mac users...and just in general, really.  It is more helpful than actually going to/asking our COMM folks - go figure (I was actually told at one time that I am not able to use a CAC at all for a MAC computer).


Thanks so much again.



SA PW (Coast Guard)

Saturday 16 October 2010


Thank you so much for your help. You provide a great service.




Saturday 16 October 2010


Thanks for this site and the information you provide.  I finally have my SCR331 working and can access AKO and AKO email.  Thank your for your hard work.



Mr SD (Navy)

Tuesday 5 October 2010


Thank you so much for the website.  It helped me use my Mac for all my DoD and DoN sites.




Monday 27 September 2010


You have earned another fan.  I can get on via IE using the PDF you created. 



AEC BN (Navy)

Saturday 25 September 2010


Chief Geek...  I like that.  You are the man.  I pulled the reader out of my PCMCIA port and went back to the old school USB.  Ran your firmware update and it's working like a champ.  Three of us have been beating our heads against the wall for days over this.  Everyone could use their CACs on my PC, but me (since I had one of the new 144 CACs).  Problem solved and thank you for your help.




Saturday 25 September 2010


Thanks a lot for your help Sir.  The CAC is now working fine.  You have a great web site and you're providing a much needed service.




Thursday 23 September 2010


I just wanted to say Thanks.  It is an awesome thing you do with this website to help those of us out here without your talents.  To often today we do not say it enough but I want you to know that your help if appreciated.




Saturday 18 September 2010


I would like to first off thank you for what you do.  You have saved a lot of pain and heartache for many people and their CAC issues.  If any of my friends at work ever have issues, I send the directly to your website.  Funny how all your hard work and help gives me thanks the next day.




Friday 17 September 2010


Nice job on the CAC Resource page.  The directions were thorough and it was easy to navigate through them.  (It took ~1hr).  Thank you for putting so much effort into improving the content.



SSgt MJ (Air Force)

Tuesday 14 September 2010


Thanks a bunch Chief, your site has saved my bacon on last minute suspense's a few times!!




Sunday 12 September 2010


WOW!!!  Your site and your help enabled an idiot like me to do the impossible!!!  Thanks




Wednesday 9 September 2010


Chief..  This site is superb.  A great resource for all Soldiers!!  You are definitely helping the warfighter!!!




Friday 3 September 2010

Hey Chief, thanks to your guidance this morning I was able to log into AKO with my CAC. Thank you very very much for all of your help with me. Continue to do what you do best Chief. Thank you very much!



Wednesday 1 September 2010


Perhaps you can add this batch script to your (amazing) web site?  It really is amazing--I have not see such an altruistic effort since Linus Torvalds. ;)




Wednesday 1 September 2010


Thanks very much for all your help!  I really do appreciate the hard work you are doing for all our Soldiers.



NDCM TR (Navy)

Tuesday 31 August 2010


Just wanted to say Thanks again.  Your help was priceless. If there is anything I can do for you in the future, please give me a call.




Sunday 29 August 2010


Your website was pretty simple to follow and a TREMENDOUS help, especially for us non-savvy computer folks.  So, thanks so much for having it available to us!  Also, thank you for calling and emailing me with great ideas and advice, especially while you are attending WOBC.




Thursday 26 August 2010


Sir, you just save me a ton of wasted time.  I had an error 500 which AKO does not reference in their help section.  If they do reference it, it is not easily accessible.  Thanks again for the time you put into this site.




Wednesday 25 August 2010


Hey, used your site today to get my card reader set up on my home computer.  Worked like a charm.  Thanks!!



Mrs WW

Friday 20 August 2010


Hi Chief Danberry, I just wanted to thank you so much for your website and all the information you have placed on it.  It was a tremendous help to me.  My son is in the National Guard and was trying to file for federal tuition assistance and couldn't do it without the card reader and we could not figure out to even begin to get it to work.  After lost of searching on the internet, we finally came upon your site.  Today, we successfully got his application filed - 3 days before deadline.  Thanks again for your help.




Thursday 19 August 2010


My CAC reader is all set up.  Thank you for your excellent website.  Made the setup process much easier than going to different places on the web.  Thank you once again for your help!!




Tuesday 17 August 2010


Thanks for your help.  I will make sure my Soldiers know of your site.




Monday 16 August 2010


Thank you Chief!  The tips worked, and I was able to access the site.  Thanks also for maintaining such a great CAC resource; I've used it many times.




Monday 16 August 2010


I just wanted to extend my THANKS!!! for such an informational website.  The listed fixes have indeed helped our team server the US Army Corps of Engineers time and time again!!



Ms JG (Air Force)

Thursday 12 August 2010


I really appreciate the information.  Your response was quick and helpful.  You answered my technical questions without delay in a clear concise manner.  That is rare today in this e-mail, internet, and overloaded world.  Thank you for your help!




Tuesday 10 August 2010


I just wanted to thank you for providing such great information on and on AKO about CAC.




Sunday 8 August 2010


It works!  Awesome.  You rock!  Thanks a bunch.



Mr. DT

Wednesday 4 August 2010


You have by far the best CAC site.



CWO4 RW (Marines)

Monday 2 August 2010


Your website hit the nail on the head for me this weekend with my new Mac computer.



LT JM (Navy)

Wednesday 28 July 2010


Chief, Thanks for all the help.  Your site is a gem and it is the definitive source for all things CAC related.  Best of luck.




Wednesday 28 July 2010


Thank you very much for your outstanding support!



TSgt ID (Air Force)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

I just want to pass on my sincere appreciation for the time and effort put into this. This is definitely a much needed resource, and after trying through several military IT helpdesks from several Air Force Bases and CoComs, they all turned me away. Chief Danberry returned my call within several hours and had my CAC up and running within minutes. Thank you for your service to our country, and to us fellow military for helping us get access to our required sites!!!


Mr. AS

Tuesday 27 July 2010

I will be sending your website out to our team to assist our students.  One of the most frustrating things is having a Soldier who wants to go to school but canít because of the CAC reader.  Thanks again for an awesome website.


CAPT MG (Navy)

Monday 26 July 2010


Bravo Zulu (Well Done) for a great site.  They aren't paying you enough.



Col SD (Air Force)

Saturday 24 July 2010


Thank you for the tremendous support !!  I accessed this webpage and read problem #4 regarding Error 2738 involving the vbscript.  I followed the solution and successfully registered vbscript.dll on my computer.  Now, life is perfect in every way!



MCPO BL (Coast Guard)

Thursday 22 July 2010


Love your website




Sunday 18 July 2010


I did what you suggested and it worked (of course you knew it would).  Thanks for your help and hard work.




Wednesday 14 July 2010


Nothing but love for you........good job on your sites.  Best resource out there for CAC. Thanks.




Wednesday 14 July 2010


Love your website, most comprehensive CAC information I've seen.



LCDR MT (Navy)

Monday 12 July 2010


You are doing us a great service by assisting with this stuff.  Thanks so much.




Sunday 11 July 2010


Thank you, the link and steps (2, 4, & 9) you referred me to resolved my CAC issues, Awesome.




Saturday 10 July 2010

Just wanted to say thanks again for your patience and technical skill.  Was able to sign my AKO Forms documents...would not have been possible without your assistance!   If I can ever be of any help, feel free to email me.



Friday 9 July 2010


I have got to thank you for your help!  I tried installing my CAC reader at home using AKO's instructions and finally got frustrated and gave up.  Luckily I found your site and your instructions made everything so simple.  Thanks for going above and beyond in order to help others.  You rock!




Monday 5 July 2010


Chief-- I just got in from the road trip and was able to send off the first of many OERs I need to sign.  Absolutely wonderful working with and learning from you.  You are a real credit to our great military, and I thank you for helping out a techno challenged BG today on Independence Day weekend.  Please send me the email and name of your first GO in your chain of command.  I'd like to drop him or her a note about the amazing Danberry.



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Sunday 04 July 2010


Clear, concise instruction that get the job done.  This 'unofficial' site is better than the official one, and without it was lost!  Thanks!!!



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Saturday 03 July 2010


Thanks for putting in the time to set the site up.  I am on remote duty so I need CAC access from my home computer (running Windows 7) and this was the bane of my existence for the last few days.  Your instructions got me fixed in less than an hour.  Thanks!




Tuesday 29 June 2010


You may not hear it often, but I appreciate you having your site up.  I know what a nuisance it can be sometimes.  I thank you for providing your site for Army IT guys.



Mr DM (posted via CAC Facebook page)

Monday 21 June 2010


Thank you for providing such an excellent resource




Thursday 10 June 2010


Working with guys like you are one of the reasons I made the military my career and am now in the civil service with the Army.  You are a real professional and I appreciate all!!




Tuesday 08 June 2010


Thanks again for putting this website together and giving all of these invaluable tips.  I had to erase my hard drive and reload everything, and went through all of the steps again.




Wednesday 2 June 2010


Wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your Military CAC site.  I originally saw it mentioned on the 53List, and I've used the heck out of it.



Mrs BG

Wednesday 2 June 2010

THANK YOU so much for creating this website. After countless hours of trying to enable my CAC reader, yours is the only one that was HELPFUL!!... should have Google'd earlier.  P.S. My husband thanks you too!



Monday 31 May 2010


You are right!  We downloaded DoPDF and it works fine for printing forms with our 64 bit Windows on our HP printer.  Thank you for the fix...Great work...It will help our unit out tremendously.  Thank you for your efforts




Friday 28 May 2010


Just wanted to say thanks for the great site and helping with installing CAC readers on our home computers.  Great Job!




Saturday 22 May 2010

Great site, solved a problem I've been having for months, where I was unable to digitally sign DA forms on my personal computer due to the error: "One or more of your digital signatures could not be verified" first with PureEdge, and then with Lotus.


Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Saturday 22 May 2010


Best site I have seen on how to use your CAC at home




Saturday 22 May 2010


Your site is great.  It made it really simple to configure my CAC on my Windows 7 machine.  Good stuff.  I will spread the word to my fell Army civilians.



LT CS (Navy)

Wednesday 19 May 2010


Perfect!  The patch for the DTS on a MAC worked as advertised.  Your site is very useful and I will be sharing it with my fellow MAC users!  Thank you for all your efforts.




Tuesday 18 May 2010


Very impressive and step by step instructions on how to get this SCR331 working at home.  Thanks man...




Monday 17 May 2010


I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart for helping me out on  You were so pleasant to work with, efficient, competent, and so dedicated to your work.  I will promote your website for all military personnel and contractors.  Thank you.



LT JP (Air Force)

Thursday 13 May 2010


Thanks for ALL your time and effort on this excellent site.




Wednesday 12 May 2010


Thanks for the resource page



SA CM (Air Force)

Tuesday 11 May 2010


The MAC CAC install page worked like a charm.  Thanks for a helpful page.




Tuesday 11 May 2010


Thanks for your directions regarding CAC reader purchase and installation.  It worked and was fairly easy - much, much better than the last time I tried.




Saturday 6 May 2010

Thank you very much for your support in setting up my computer with the ability to digitally sign forms.  You are commended for helping service members gain technical support and computer access for Army downloads to obtain forms and information...and on your personal time.  You are a true value to our service.

I will definitely keep and share your number with others in need of your expertise.

Best wishes to you in your career and congratulations on your success in gaining a specialty position in the G-6.


CAPT JC (Navy)

Saturday 1 May 2010


Thanks for the response on a Saturday, I am now up and running and thanks for all the support and the timely response during your "off hours."




Thursday 29 April 2010


Just wanted to drop you a line and personally thank you for the information which you have provided at your website!

 I just got a new CAC card a few days ago, and spent a good 3 hours trying to get it to work on my home computer before I found your site.  I was only a few mouse clicks away from buying a new CAC reader....

After reading your detailed instructions, I was up in running in about 15 minutes.  (and I am also sending this e-mail via Citrix as well...)

 One would think that where I work (the Pentagon), someone at the CAC office would have provided this information to me. 

 Again, thank you for all of your efforts.  You are a credit to your branch!




Wednesday 28 April 2010

This Officer is the real deal who KNOWs how to fix these CAC problems.  I hope the US Army can keep him on after his tour of duty!!  What an asset he is to the US Army Soldiers!

I have tried Microsoft support people.  The first tried his best and the second told me to reload Windows 7.  He referred me to the AKO help desk.  Same story. I then called and emailed CW3 Danberry.  Within a few hours/days he had emailed and called me back, diagnosed the problem, and had the solution.  I am now up and running.  I can not say enough positive things about how helpful the Chief was.  I hope that everyone finds their experience on this website as beneficial as I did.  I will blast this out repeatedly throughout my Chain Of command as this page and the 1 CW3, singlehandedly can Get Er dun~



Monday 26 April 2010

I am not very technically savvy; but by golly, the cures on the document you linked in your response did the trick.  I still do not know exactly how I did it, but it is done, which is what I needed to happen.  Thanks again for your help.



Monday 26 April 2010


Got online less than 10 minutes.  Great instructions, passed info along to others.  Thanks.




Saturday 24 April 2010

After 4 hours of fighting with this %&#** confounded CAC reader driver/firmware/Air Force-tweaked ActivClient, I finally searched on 'can't get my cac reader to work' and found this incredibly long string of other equally confounded technophiles. I read down and almost got excited when I saw that SuperD had achieved success in his first post, but then he didn't provide enough detail. When I got to Chief Danberry's 2nd post of 29 Nov, I tried that, although I had been there 2-1/2 hours ago with no success. Followed your detail concerning updating the firmware and followed it to the 'T' and voila, bully, I say, damn well good, success, Eureka! Now I can spend the rest of the night doing my on-line testing to get my voucher for commercial certification in Security+, so I can maintain my Information Assurance Officer shred for a network at work I don't even have admin rights on - go figure. I think I'm gonna have a cold beer, then one for Sgt. Bill, then one for you, Chief. Then another one for me, then... THANKS!



Friday 23 April 2010


Chief, if not for you and your website, I'd have thrown my computer out the window.  Thank you for everything.



LT JJ (Navy)

Monday 12 April 2010


Great site by the way, thanks for doing this for us!!



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Sunday 11 April 2010


Keep the latest updates coming when you get them! Fantastic job, I would never have got my CAC reader to work without this site and have forwarded it to all my shipmates!




Thursday 8 April 2010


THANK YOU for all of your help.  I really appreciate it.



Ms LC (Navy)

Thursday 8 April 2010


I wanted to thank you for having such a great resource for CACs.




Thursday 8 April 2010


Your page is by far the most organized easy to follow instructions to home CAC installing.  I refer anyone asking how to do that to your page.



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Wednesday 7 April 2010


I know that you aren't employed by AKO, but you should be.



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Tuesday 6 April 2010


Very easy to follow instructions. Great web site. Thanks



Mr JM (Navy)

Tuesday 6 April 2010


Thank you for your time and the energy you put into this fantastic web site.




Sunday 4 April 2010


I like your website, very informative




Thursday 1 April 2010


Absolutely phenomenal site!  Very well done, I was able to navigate through the site with little to no trouble.  Thank you for putting this together!  Awesome product!



CDR AS (Navy)

Wednesday 31 March 2010


Love your site.  I'm passing the word to all the folks I support



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Saturday 20 March 2010


Advertise! We're spreading via word of mouth. I'd like to see this site hosted on a non-password protected DoD server. You're doing an excellent job...what incredible initiative. Please come work for our command.



Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Saturday 20 March 2010


The site is great, very clear and easy to understand. I've started emailing it to everyone I work with who needs CAC-related assistance. Thank-you for running the site!




Friday 19 March 2010

You are a great help.  Thanks.  I really appreciate it.



Tuesday 16 March 2010

I wanted to thank you for maintaining this site.  Your site helped me set up my CAC card to be used from my home computer.  As a Guardsman, it is difficult to get to an armory and digitally sign forms with my CAC card.  Your site has allowed me to set my personal computer up to sign forms from home.  Thank for all your guidance and help.



Saturday 13 March 2010

Great instructions. Walked me through the steps so that my attempt at installing my CAC reader on a new laptop worked the FIRST time. Also greatly appreciated the notes of how it worked when you tried something and also the test page for digitally signing.

 Very much appreciated by a Reservist who lives in God's Country where we have EXTREMELY limited tech support.



Friday 12 March 2010


I have used your website quite often to troubleshoot issues.  I just wanted to thank you for putting the information out there so the wheel doesn't have to be reinvented.




Thursday 11 March 2010

Just wanted to say excellent site, I canít believe I hadnít found this earlier! I was proud to see it is run by a Warrant Officer too, in this day and age of ďcontractors do everything.Ē 

Thanks, and keep up the good work!



Sunday 7 March 2010

Thank you Chief! Your help was invaluable. My Reserve Unit recently received a tasker requiring all of us to be able to use DTS from our home or office computers.  I was having a great deal of difficulty getting access due to browser issues, pop-ups, etc. First I called my Unit's UAT.  He was very helpful, but despite his best efforts, I still could not get access.

 Then I called our Higher Headquarters and spoke with the full time DTS coordinator. Again, no luck. I then spoke with her two (2)(!!) full time technical support people. The first tried his best and the second told me that they do not provide support for home computer users.  He referred me to USAR tech support, which also would not provide support to me because I was using my home computer.  He referred me to the AKO help desk. Same story.  I then called and emailed CW3 Danberry. Within a few hours he had called me back, diagnosed the problem, and had the solution. I am now up and running. I can not say enough positive things about how helpful the Chief was.  I hope that everyone finds their experience on this website as beneficial as I did. 


Mrs CS

Friday 5 March 2010


Your web site is excellent!!!

Perfect.  the fix works!  Yeah!  You saved me so much time and pain.  Thank you very much!!



Thursday 4 March 2010

My signing ability has been restored thanks to CW3 Danberry.  By the way -  hold on to his E-mail address in case anyone else has similar problems.  He is excellent!


Mr. JD

Wednesday 3 March 2010


Thank you so much Mr. Danberry for the information found at your web site regarding Windows 7 Security and AKO POP-UP windows that says connection lost.
After trying several things on my own, nothing worked.  Every time I clicked on my cert.  the pop-up window would say "lost connection".  The same issue occurred at other "cac" web sites as well.
By selecting ONLY TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 under IE advanced tab, all of my problems went away, and I am now able to use my CAC at home on a laptop, with wireless, hooked up to router using the default Windows 7 drivers for my brand New Stanley Global SGT 114 CAC card reader.
By the way, for anyone looking to buy a CAC card reader, I would look into the SGT114, as it not only is a CAC reader, but also reads SIM cards and 39 flash memory types!


Mr. LB

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Thank you. My local admins could not help me and active identity website was not helpful (as far as I could tell) and many forums were bad as well for my issue, but this site fixed it right away. THANK YOU!  (settings for LOCAL_SERVICES to allow the smart card reader service to run).

Anonymous user through RATEPOINT

Sunday 28 February 2010


Installing my hardware and software for my new CAC card reader was fairly simple. I had been told it was a hard and time- consuming task, so I was hesitant to install it. It turned out that the step by step instructions made it very simple and it took no time. Since I have Vista on my computer, the instructions on what to do before getting started and along the way if you had Vista, Windows 7 etc. made it so easy and trouble free. I will recommend this site to my fellow soldiers and tell them is not as painful as some one lead me to believe.




Thursday 25 February 2010

Great site. Thank you so much. I work for one of the Navy help desks and often refer to the directions and instructions on your page because they make sense.



Tuesday 23 February 2010

OUTSTANDING job you've done with the AKO CAC Resource site

Anonymous user through RATEPOINT survey

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Excellent website - got me up and running in about 10 minutes.


Monday 22 February 2010

I want to relay my extreme gratitude to CW3 Danberry for what he did on Friday afternoon.  Around 1620 on Friday, I called CW3 Danberry to say my CAC Card had suddenly died, and I needed a new CAC Card to be able to work on an urgent project over the weekend.  Though I told him I was at the Washington Navy Yard in South East DC, and that I would not get to him till at least 1730, he said he would stay late and wait for me to drive down.  True to his word, when I got there at 1735, he took care of me and I was out the door in ten minutes.  I was able to work over the weekend, allowing me to get the project completed.  That saved me more heart ache than you could ever know as without CW3 Danberry, my only other option was to wait till Monday.

 CW3 Danberry is an asset to your Command and a fine US Soldier.


Monday 22 February 2010

I would like to thank you for your website, it has been a great help. I looked for 3 days to find a solution then I found the useful email and fixed my problem in 60 minutes. Thank You Chief


Wednesday 17 February 2010

Excellent suggestion CW3 Danberry. I created a new profile, everything was already loaded, and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your time. Windows is not Linux and sometimes I just do not understand its quirks.


LT DR (Navy)

Tuesday 16 February 2010

You're the BEST.  Thanks for the super-rapid response.  Also, I think you just made it possible for me to check Navy webmail for the first time *ever* -- I'm guessing those settings were what was keeping it from working all along?!  A silly thing to be happy about, I suppose, but a major relief for me!


Anonymous visitor

Saturday 13 FEB 2010

Everything one needs. One-stop shop. Love this site.



Thursday 11 February 2010

Thank you for creating  It made the process of getting everything setup to be able to digitally sign documents very easy. Awesome site.



Wednesday 10 February 2010

Thanks Chief, for all your help getting me up and running with AKO on my Mac. This is truly a victory for me!  I'm so glad the Army recognizes your talents and is utilizing you appropriately. You're the best! 



Tuesday 9 February 2010


Thanks for your help!  You are the DOD CAC Pro!  Thanks so much!!   I would have been lost for hours w/o your help. 




Tuesday 9 February 2010

Thanks for the quick reply!  I think your website is awesome and the information is amazingly up to date.  I'll let you know if they work and hopefully be able to add to your knowledge base in the future.



Tuesday 9 February 2010


[Setting up my MAC] worked like a charm!!!  Good instructions, clear and concise!  Only issue I had was I was using Camino to access AKO, did not work.  Reread the instructions found the Safari phrase, tried it an viola!  It works!  Now I can login using my CAC!  Thanks!

Will look at using Parallels plus XP to access the other programs I need (DTS & PureEdge).

Thanks for the help!



Anonymous (submitted through RatePoint)

Sunday 7 February 2010


Your site's perfect as is! None of the government sites could get me working with my new CAC. None...! In frustration, I Google'd and found your site. Within minutes I was up and running. WELL DONE!!! THANK YOU!!! You need to be hired by DoD for writing their help sites!! Cheers to you!!




Friday 5 February 2010

Your site was so very helpful!  I have tried several times to get NMCI webmail to work on my Mac, and I have now succeeded after stumbling onto your site!  Thanks for posting this, and for keeping it current and correct.  I wish there was a way to get it MORE out in the open.  I will spread the word to all my Mac coworkers.



Friday 5 February 2010


Hey Chief, Great website!

Your information on the SCR331 firmware update and X64 drivers got our CAC updated and working in Windows 7.




Monday 1 February 2010


Warrant Officers lead the way and look out for each other.  I really appreciate it.




Monday 1 February 2010

I like the site... very helpful.



Saturday 30 January 2010

Thanks for running the website; itís helped me with Firefox and Linux, among many other things.



Saturday 30 January 2010

Your website was recommend to me by a CO RNCO in my BN and I could not be happier with what you've provided.  I'm going to pass along this to others.  Thanks again for everything.



Friday 29 January 2010


Chief, you THE MAN.  I followed the instructions for modifying the ApproveIt Digital Signature install and then tried it again, and that seemed to work.  It would seem the default configuration after installing ApproveIt was not sufficient.




Friday 29 January 2010


I want to thank you for such a helpful site.  I have visited your site many times for help in resolving various CAC issues.




Wednesday 27 January 2010


I want to let you know that quite a few administrators here think very highly of the information you have posted.




Tuesday 26 January 2010


I had to sign some NCOERs this PM and the signature went through without a hitch.  Appreciate your help.




Monday 25 January 2010

I really appreciate your help with this.  Iím up and running.  Thanks again for your help.



Saturday 23 January 2010


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It really seams like you're the only real resource out there to help military members figure this out... !! Thanks again!




Friday 22 January 2010


IT (CAC use on his MAC) WORKED!  AWESOME.  I've tried a dozen other sites but yours was easier and the only one that actually worked! 




Thursday 21 January 2010

Chief, I just wanted to throw you a pat on the back.  I'm a HUGE fan of getting to the point and minimizing the BS!



Thursday 21 January 2010

Just used your site to get my CAC reader working on my computer.  Works great now.  My S6 and I were struggling to make a USB reader work until we stumbled onto your website.

Mr. HS

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Great site!  I've been passing your link around to my coworkers and I'll let our Army DOIM at the Pentagon know so they can pass it on to their users. I hope the site gets more hits and input from others.


Tuesday 19 January 2010


Let me say first of all how much I appreciate the unbelievable amount of work you have put in to the website.  It truly seems like a labor of love.  I work at a Help Desk for the Texas Army National Guard, and your website is an invaluable resource for us trying to troubleshoot the myriad number of problems with PureEdge, ApproveIt, and general CAC issues.


Friday 15 January 2010

Thank you so much for your help Sir.  I am now able to digitally sign documents.  I appreciate you and the help you gave.  Thank you



Thursday 14 January 2010

Sir, Thank you for making a one stop shop for everything CAC related!!!!  It has made my job as an IMO a whole lot easier. Especially when users come to me wanting information on setting up CAC for home use.



Tuesday 12 January 2010


Thank you for posting instructions for CAC readers for Mac's. The instructions are perfect!  Best set of directions I found on a web site for MAC.




Monday 11 January 2010


 My NCOs and I thank you a ton!  I love you computer guys!  God knows I sure can't do it.  Thanks for the assistance. 




Monday 11 January 2010

Keep up the great work on the site as it is very helpful for our staff regarding CAC related questions!



Sunday 10 January 2010

Thank you very much for your assistance.



Saturday 9 January 2010


Thanks for sharing your expertise




Wednesday 6 January 2010


Thank you for your help. Your website is extremely useful and easy to use/understand, especially for non-geeks!



Wednesday 6 January 2010


Awesome, your fix for the Null Pointer error worked!!  You are the hero!



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