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Some people have been helped with phone calls, they are not shown here unless they sent me an email.


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Monday 29 December 2008


Thanks for the help  I have been trying to get this done for a while now.  With your helpful website, it was done in no time.




Monday 29 December 2008

Chief,  Awesome information on your webpage!  I was pulling out what hair I have left when I upgraded to Vista and could not get DTS to work correctly.  Your tips worked perfectly.  Thanks for the info.



Wednesday 24 December 2008


A true technical EXPERT and model Soldier!  Chief Danberry assisted me over the phone while he was driving home from work!  He walked me through the steps I needed to take in order to ensure that I could digitally sign in Pure Edge.  He is truly a "cheerful giver!"  Thanks Chief!




Tuesday 23 December 2008

Thanks Chief, got the DB Sign for Windows Vista working now.



Sunday 21 December 2008


I just wanted to drop you a line, and thank you for the site you put together. 

The Army seems to be the only branch that has this anywhere remotely near right.  Your resource was able to point me in the right direction and at least tell me what I needed (what version of ActivClient, and who controlled the software licenses).

Thank you for the extra work you've put into this.  You've definitely gone above and beyond helping everyone out.




Wednesday 17 December 2008


THANKS.  Everything is good to go now (after downgrading to ApproveIt 5.7.3).  I'm putting a checklist together for my troops so they can get their own CAC readers working.  (I recommended he use the current notes page).




Wednesday 17 December 2008


My compliments to the useful website




Monday 15 December 2008


Thank you Chief, Approve It 5.7.3 is all I needed.  The Sign button is no longer grayed out.  I greatly appreciate your time.



Mr BS (posted on Facebook)

Sunday 14 December 2008


Chief, many thanks for getting the info that you do.  I refer our customers to frequently.  Thanks again for your efforts in getting the word out.




Saturday 13 December 2008


Thank you for the quick response and for looking into using DTS access on my MAC.  Finding was so helpful - I'd been locked out of AKO for not resetting my password after a CAC login and there were no readily available CAC enable computers around.  Thanks for your help




Friday 12 December 2008

I tried your recommendation of using the older version of ApproveIt (5.7.3), and it worked.  I was surprised to actually receive feedback from you via email, and even more surprised to hear back from you the very next day.  Awesome response time on your behalf and awesome website for CAC problems.  Keep up the good work and I will certainly be recommending you to my Soldiers.  Take care and God bless!



Friday 12 December 2008


You are terrific!  I have BA in the morning, so I am very grateful for the assistance.  I was able to digitally sign the form




Wednesday 10 December 2008


Thanks for the assistance, IT WORKED!!! (Cured problem he had with AKO booting him off after selecting his certificate)




Tuesday 9 December 2008

Just a note of thanks.  I had the grayed out sign button on pure edge viewer no matter what I tried … followed your instructions – ended up uninstalling both pure edge and approve it BUT it worked!!! 

Thank you for your outstanding/detailed instructions and your one-stop shop!!!



Monday 8 December 2008


I just find it amazing there is someone out there so willing to assist the ignorant and clueless





Monday 01 December 2008

Just wanted to say thanks.  The helpdesk of DOIM was no help.  Your website helped me in short order.  Will pass along your website to others (helpdesk included.)



Saturday 29 November 2008

Approve It 5.7.3 worked like a charm, I only wish I had had that software a couple days ago.  Thanks for the great resource! It seems odd that the older version works better than the newer one. I guess they aren’t optimizing for win XP SP3.  Ah well I'll be sure to help out the other guys at work and point them to your site too. Thanks again.



Saturday 29 November 2008

Thank you Chief Approve It 5.7.3 worked great. Your site was very helpful thank you again.



Friday 21 November 2008


Well done Chief!  Thanks for providing expertise on military CAC use at home.  Your site provides an invaluable resource that is missing in today's Military IT support structure.  I really appreciate the personal time you spent troubleshooting my CAC software issues.




Thursday 13 November 2008


First, let me say thanks so much  for your work on this project!  Your sacrifice of your personal time has saved countless hours for many throughout DoD.  I learned of your site from an Air Force Major whom you recently assisted.




Wednesday 12 November 2008


Using your website, I was able to resolve the problem and sign the form.  Thanks for your help--Great Website.




Wednesday 12 November 2008


Very well done, very easy to read.  Thank you for taking the time outside your normal duties to put together this information.  I searched .mil domains for 4 hours today and couldn't find any answers to my questions about using CAC cards on non-networked machines (while at work).  Your website and your presentation of information helped me tremendously in less than 10 minutes.




Wednesday 12 November 2008


CW2 Danberry - Your website is great.  It does just what you wanted it to do, help the rest of us.  your Cure2 for DTS solved my problem when my chain of command was unable to.  Great to still have your support.




Monday 10 November 2008


I just wanted to say this is an awesome site.  Thanks again Chief!  I took your advice and purchased the SCR-3310 from the BX.  The new reader worked like a charm with my Windows Vista 64bit edition. 




Monday 10 November 2008


Thanks for your help.  Awesome web site by the way.  I would never tried to install the reader at home without your help!




Tuesday 04 November 2008


I have downloaded everything and was able to sign onto AKO.  I thank you for your website and help.  I will use that to help my Soldiers in the future.




Thursday 30 October 2008

Chief, Thank you for your time and service.  This website is awesome.  With your help I am now able to access Pure Edge on Vista and use my CAC reader.  Keep up the good work and I will be sure to share your site at HRC.



Wednesday 29 October 2008

Thanks for the awesome and easy to follow website you have. You’ve made my job a lot easier. Take care



Wednesday 29 October 2008

I wanted to email you and THANK YOU once again for taking the time yesterday evening to assist me in loading my CAC reader on my personal computer.   I appreciate the time you spent talking me through the installation process.  You have impacted many Soldiers and will continue to do so.  It is so refreshing to know that people like you are out there so willing to assist others and share knowledge with them!  Again, Thank you for all you do; you can bet I will send soldiers to site for assistance! 



Tuesday 28 October 2008

Thanks very much. We got the 1SG's computer all up and running perfectly. My Commander wants to know where he can put you in for an award for your website. Again thanks.



Monday 27 October 2008

You sure know your stuff and have made it easy to figure things out using your website, web pages, and links!  Thanks again!  I bet your unit (and all AKO users who know about it) are glad to have your computer expertise. I appreciate that you are being practical as in down to earth so even us computer challenged can get it!!!!



Thursday 23 October 2008


I was able to sign Pure Edge form sent to me by email.  I had to go into Approve It and change to my certificates instead of Epersona.  Again...Thank you for your site and for helping Soldiers out there.  You are doing a great thing!!!!




Wednesday 22 October 2008


Thanks for the update.  I finally got this to work after a few installs and re-installs.  Your site is great. 




Wednesday 22 October 2008


Chief, I called and you helped.  No officer will ever admit to success without an NCO and a Warrant close by.




Tuesday 21 October 2008


It worked Great.  Thanks




Tuesday 21 October 2008


Thanks again for everything.  I can't imagine how things would be without guys like you around.  Truly a superb asset of this great United States.




Monday 20 October 2008


Love the site, I have tried to get it out to all of my users.




Monday 20 October 2008


Thanks for your assistance last night (via phone)




Friday 17 October 2008


You are the man!  It finally worked and I have signed forms on my hard drive and on AKO's MyForms.  Thank you very much for the expert help.




Wednesday 15 October 2008


I appreciate the time and effort you put into assisting Soldiers with making their home systems work.  Thank you.




Tuesday 14 October 2008


Thank you, everything on Vista works A-Okay now!!  Your website is a wonderful one-stop to get everything answered!




Monday 06 October 2008


Just wanted to say thanks.  This website was a lifesaver!




Friday 03 October 2008

I wanted to thank you again for your efforts last night.  It is one thing to maintain a website, but to spend an hour plus of your time helping a complete stranger is going above and beyond.  I hope your superiors know how much you are giving to your fellow soldiers.



Thursday 02 October 2008

Chief, Just wanted to let you know you're my favorite person in the world right now.  I spent about three hours trying to get an SCR331 USB reader to work on my Vista system...I could not for the life of me find a driver that would work until I ran across your site.  Thank you so's embarrassing for an old SIGO like me to have so much trouble but, as usual, a warrant officer saved my ass.  Thanks!



Friday 19 September 2008


Great site by the way, a valuable asset for Leaders and Soldiers alike.




Tuesday 16 September 2008

Let me first state that I appreciate what you have done with your web site.  You are providing us a great service.  The AKO staff is not user friendly when it comes to CAC issues.  I remember when they first told us that we could purchase a CAC reader and needed middleware, but you could only get the middle ware from the installation IMO.  Which you and I know is not much help for USAR or ARNG Soldiers.



Wednesday 10 September 2008

For what it is worth, I want to Thank You for your assistance...I was just on the phone with my Commander and he too is trying to get his CAC working properly for sessions and digital signature. He may call you for help if needed. Thanks again



Saturday 30 August 2008

Chief, just wanted to let you know your directions worked perfectly. We were able to walk through the installation. It took us a little longer than expected, but it worked. Thanks for your help.



Friday 29 August 2008


Chief Danberry took an hour out of his Friday evening to fix a vexing Vista/CAC reader problem that I could not solve.  He had to “go back” to an older version of a CAC driver AND a older version of ApproveIT to get my Vista based system to accept my CAC reader/install ApproveIt. I have attempted to install my reader several times but could not have guessed installing an older version would have fixed my Vista/CAC card problem.  Chief Danberry operates like a Visa commercial; his assistance is priceless. Thanks Chief!




Friday 22 August 2008


Much thanks again.  You max out the concept of Selfless Service




Friday 22 August 2008


Chief Danberry is awesome, a great American Soldier who is relentless in his support for the everyday Soldier.  Awesome help.




Thursday 21 August 2008


This is my 2nd time that Chief Danberry has spent over an hour walking me through the installation process.  The first time was for my desktop and this time was for my laptop.  Both times he was very thorough in knowing exactly what to do.  He was very patient and helpful and had an answer for any and every question that I had.  I can't recommend him highly enough, I just wouldn't use anyone else for any CAC or AKO questions.  Combined he spent close to 3 hours on both installations and you'll never find that type of customer service anywhere else.  You've got to use this service!




Tuesday 19 August 2008


Chief, this is a super resource.  Really a nicely laid out site.  Do mind if I share this with my fellow IMOs?




Tuesday 19 August 2008


Thanks for the link.  After registering with the Navy Reserve website, I was able to surf around and finally find the Active Client Software.




Saturday 16 August 2008


Thank you very much for establishing your website!  I'm in the Air Force, have a personal laptop and don't have CAC access.  I had tried to get the computer folks to assist, when they found out it was my personal computer and that I was using Vista - he informed me that he hates Vista and since it was a personal laptop he said he could not help me.




Saturday 16 August 2008


I downloaded the new DoD certificates and everything works well now.  Many Thanks.




Saturday 16 August 2008


I really thank you for your assistance.  I uninstalled 5.8.2, installed 5.7 following the link off of your website, and successfully signed an NCOER a few moments ago.  Your solution was both easier for a non-technical users to follow and less intrusive to my computer's operating system than what was proposed from replies to my AKO forum posting. 

I will take the liberty of passing your website around my Battalion - as my Soldiers start to try and comply with the new rules.  No doubt some them will run into the same issues I have.

Thanks again - appreciate all the time you put into helping your fellow Soldiers!




Friday 15 August 2008


Chief Danberry is an excellent resource for any CAC issues.  I called him with a signature problem (NCOER's) and he without hesitation helped me figure out my problem.  He is very knowledgeable and friendly.  We spoke an hour with my issue and not to mention we were on his free time, he is an ace and a "God Send" resource.  Give him a call and I know you won't regret it.  All your troubles will melt away and you can be problem free!  Chief, thanks for everything!




Wednesday 13 August 2008


Thanks a million after installing v3.06 I was good to go.  I previously had Install Root 2.2 only but the 3.06 did the trick.  Thanks again.



Tuesday 5 August 2008


I just wanted to say thank you for the help. I have never been to any site that has been this accurate. Everything worked exactly how your site said it would. Quickest, easiest install ever. Thank you again for the help.




Friday 1 August 2008


I'm glad you are out there.  I have been frustrated looking for information on CAC readers.  My wife is an IMA attending the non-resident War College and needs one to complete her course work.




Thursday 31 July 2008

I was using ApproveIt 5.8.2, with PE 6.5 ....took your advice and installed 5.7.2 ApproveIt and "BAM" it's good to go.  You the man Chief, thanks big time, whew!  What a more frustration...



Tuesday 30 July 2008


I just want to thank you for taking almost 90 minutes to get me through this issue!  There is no place that I know of that would put that kind of effort in customer service.  I highly recommend your website and your support to anyone out there who has any type of CAC issues involving their computers.  I would be glad to recommend you to anyone.

If you can get a computer-illiterate person like me to get it installed, you can help anyone!




Tuesday 29 July 2008

Chief,  Man you are good !!!!  Approve It 5.7 was all that I needed.  It works like a charm now !! Thanks a lot. Your web site will be recommended to my Soldiers.


Monday 28 July 2008
Thanks so much for your online instructions and for your personal assistance.  I couldn't have got it working without you.  (Utilized Crossloop to assist via Remote Assistance over the internet)
Friday 25 July 2008
Approve It 5.7 did the trick!  I very much appreciate your assistance
Wednesday 23 July 2008
Sir, I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me on getting my CAC card set up.  To all who view this site I want to let you know that this site is not a hoax.  I personally called the Chief on his cell phone and he stayed on the phone with me until I got everything working properly.  And he was very nice about it.  Never got frustrated with my lack of knowledge.
Tuesday 22 July 2008
I really appreciate your helped me configure my work laptop and home computer about 5 months ago.  Please keep up the great work - you're helping a lot of people out there.
Saturday 19 July 2008
Chief Danberry was very courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. He spent a couple hours assisting me with a problem with Pure Edge. I would highly recommend his services to any Soldier in need. Thank you, Chief Danberry for everything.  (Utilized Crossloop to assist via Remote Assistance over the internet)
Thursday 17 July 2008
That is absolutely crazy, but Approve 5.7 worked!  I just signed the same NCOER that I couldn't sign yesterday using Approve 5.8.2.  Thank you so much for taking your time to do this!  I even asked the local DOIM about this and they couldn't figure it out either.  Thanks again!
Tuesday 15 July 2008
Thanks for your help, your site has helped me tremendously.  I have also directed many people in my unit to your site for their CAC issues.  Again, thanks for your help.
Tuesday 14 July 2008
I know a few others that have Vista and I'll inform them on this fix of installing 5.7 instead of 5.8.  They can get a hold of you if they have further questions.  Thanks Chief.  Good thing we have people like you.
I'm also glad to see someone can help us Vista users
Monday 14 July 2008
Awesome site! is crossing over into the blue  ha-ha.  I work with Liaison Officers who unlike normal reservists work out of their homes.  They use personal computers with no technical support, and I am the only tech support they have.  With many other duties assigned, I've been thinking about putting together a forum, but came across your site--AND Love It.  So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'm going to send folks to your site.  This site is helpful for techies like me, and for everyday military like us.  Thanks Chief!
Saturday 12 July 2008
I've searched many websites for this info on turning off Protected mode to access DTS and couldn't find it until I saw your DTS tip.  Thanks for taking the time to post the tips.  I'm sure your going to help many people
Friday 11 July 2008
You fixed it for me!   Thank you Sir.  That was terrific.  I have never been able to digitally sign any forms on my laptop until just now, and Approve it 5.7 fixed it.
Monday 07 July 2008
I have no question for you.. I only have high remarks and praise for your website!  Your website has simplified the arduous task of searching the vastness of the internet for CAC drivers and software. Keep up the excellent work, Sir!!
Sunday 06 July 2008
Uninstalling Approve It 5.8.2 and installing 5.7 definitely fixed my problem of the word sign staying grayed out on my Windows Vista computer.   I am up and running and was able to sign all my NCOERs.  Thanks for your quick support and quick response back.
CDR DC (Navy)
Saturday 05 July 2008
Chief, first let me say how impressed I am you have taken this on.  Your goal to educate is worthy and your effort impressive!  I'm Navy and no one in the Navy is doing this.  I have seen your site mentioned in all kinds of chat rooms by folks from all services trying to make this work.
Tuesday 01 July 2008
The information on installing ApproveIt 5.7 instead of 5.8.2 on my Windows Vista computer worked perfect!!!
Saturday 28 June 2008
Your solution for signing onto DTS with Vista lowered my blood pressure by 10%.  Thanks
Friday 27 June 2008
I greatly appreciate the professional assistance I received in configuring the electronic signature authority regarding the evaluation reports via AKO.  I will recommend this site before any other.
Wednesday 25 June 2008
Nice site, wish the AKO folks could take a look at what usability means
Wednesday 25 June 2008
Thank you very much for your assistance
Sunday 22 June 2008
I was experiencing a problem with a couple of programs.  Chief Danberry was extremely patient and very helpful.  He methodically and quickly identified the issue and was able to provide a requisite fix.   (Utilized Crossloop to assist via Remote Assistance over the internet)
Saturday 21 June 2008
Using your instructions about going through the hardware tab FINALLY got my CAC reader to register properly.  You should be given an award for making this information available.  It isn't anywhere on AKO!  Thanks!  :)
Friday 20 June 2008
Chief,  I would like to thank you so very much for your assistance today. There is no way I could have done the install of my CAC without your help. I know that I wouldn't have been able to even contact the AKO help desk and have someone stay on the phone with me for over 3 hours to get me all set up and then to check to verify that everything was working properly before actually hanging up.
I have to say that I would have never thought to uninstall the McAfee Anti-virus to get things to work.

Thank you again SO VERY much for your excellent assistance, support and understanding that not all of us are computer savvy.
Thursday 19 June 2008
Your web site is fantastic and answers questions I had about Vista and CAC readers.  I ordered the SCR3310, followed your instructions and I am able to use the CAC at home for multiple official uses on my Toshiba X205-S9800 Laptop. VERY much appreciate your hard work to assemble all this information.
Again, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your life to keep us informed.  This stuff is not easy or intuitive.  It's probably a labor of love but you should really get something for your efforts.
Wednesday 18 June 2008
Sir, I just wanted to thank you for this page.  I work Help Desk for a military organization, and this page is very helpful!  Just thought I'd say Thanks!
Monday 16 June 2008
Thanks, it works perfect now (with the older version of Approve It).  I appreciate someone keeping track of these issues and finding solutions.
Friday 13 June 2008
Chief:  I was having a rough time finding all the stuff I needed to get my home computer CAC capable.  I found what I needed on the reader, Pure Edge, and DTS all on your page.  I need them all as I am on leave and will have to use them.  I appreciate all the work you must have done to get the info together.  Thanks a bunch!
Wednesday 11 June 2008
CW2 Danberry provided excellent assistance.  Can only wish that the Army's help desk was this professional and efficient.   (Utilized Crossloop to assist via Remote Assistance over the internet)
Saturday 07 June 2008
Sir, I want to thank you for creating  It is the most complete information I've found on CAC use for personal computers.  You solved my problem with PureEdge signatures;  I had no idea how important the DoD certificates were.  I am recommending your site to all my friends and coworkers.
Wednesday 04 June 2008
I want to tell you what a outstanding job you did on the website.  I found the page very informative and easy to navigate
ABH2(AW) JM (Navy)
Tuesday 20 May 2008
Chief Danberry;  You definitely are a life saver, and if you are so willing to help a total stranger I could only imagine what you do for your troops.  I want to thank you very much for your help.  It is very seldom that one could come across people as helpful and willing to go above their call of duty and I do appreciate it very much.  Everything worked absolutely perfect thanks again.
Monday 19 May 2008
Your website was very helpful in accomplishing the installation, users must still follow your instructions to the letter if they wish to achieve results.  I'm spreading the word to all I can so any Soldiers looking for either a new computer or laptop can feel at ease with the compatibility of Vista, ActivClient 6.1, PureEdge 6.5, DoD Certificates, and ApproveIt Desktop 5.8.2
Friday 02 May 2008
I just want to thank you.  After a bit of effort and some tweaking of the steps - it worked perfectly!  Thanks very much for the pointer.  And if anyone needs any help, I am on Ubuntu Forums as jsast21 and would be glad to talk through how it worked for me.
Sunday 20 April 208
Thanks for the quick response Mike.  It worked as advertised.  Thanks again.
 Thursday 03 April 2008
CW2 Danberry, Thank you, Sir!  That worked perfectly!  Your website is a lifesaver!
Thursday 27 March 2008
Thanks for the quick response.  It didn't occur to me to download the latest DoD Certs.  I was looking for something that was a step by step (1,2,3) guide for signing Pure Edge documents with Approve It and when I saw that section I decided that I probably had the latest version so I ignored it.  Thanks again and thanks for the great webpage!
17 March 2008
I received outstanding technician support from Chief Danberry.  This was absolutely the best technician support I received in my 28 yrs of service.  Thanks very much  (Utilized Crossloop assist via Remote Assistance over the internet)
Friday 14 March 2008
Hey Chief,  Well, it is working now!!  Thanks so much.  And there is definitely no need to apologize for being long-winded.. that just speaks to your commitment to helping people out in a thorough manner on your time.  Thanks again.
Monday 03 March 2008
Thanks for your help and I appreciate the time and effort you put into your website. Very helpful and well done!
Thursday 14 February 2008
I like your CAC Resource page.  Mind if I either model my resource page off of yours or even provide my users a link?  Well done!
Thursday 14 February 2008
Just wanted to say good job with the site
Saturday 2 February 2008
I want to commend you on your top notch site you have.  I recommend it to all members in my battalion who are attempting to install CAC readers and troubleshoot their systems.  Perfect all in one source with simple instructions to cut through the technical maze of instructions.
Wednesday 23 January 2008
I'd like to thank you for putting together such a great, comprehensive, reference.  It has been a great help.  I will pass it on to all my Soldiers.  Hooah!


Monday 3 December 2007


I wanted to thank you for your web page Common Access Card.  With the information you provided, I was able to quickly install everything I needed to be up and running in minutes.  This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.  Your web page not only made this possible but easy considering all I started with was a card reader, no software or drivers.  After looking at AKO link for CAC page yours is truly user friendly!  I can even sign documents.  I am fully operational.



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