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Tuesday 31 December 2013


I'm not terribly technical, and it took me a couple hours to get everything working on my Mac.  But I got it hooked up properly and can now access CAC enabled websites.  Thanks for all your efforts and great detail on your site.  I may be slow, but I got it...thanks to you.  This donation is a token of my appreciation.  Thanks again.



Mr RS  $

Thursday 19 December 2013


Thanks for all you do



Mr RM  $

Saturday 14 December 2013


Thanks again for your help!  It takes a lot of time from your day and I really appreciate it.




Thursday 14 November 2013


I'm a big fan of yours.  I send Soldiers to your site all the time, have done so forever; and it's a fantastic resource for assisting reservists in keeping up to speed on everything they are supposed to be doing between Battle Assemblies.




Sunday 10 November 2013

Appreciate the help. Thanks for all you have a great website. 



Wednesday 6 November 2013


Chief, I sincerely appreciate the assistance the other day, incredibly fast and thorough.  We need more guys like you as you are an incredible asset to the organization!  Thanks again so much.




Monday 16 September 2013


Thanks for all of the work you've done on  Too bad someone from .mil community hasn't been as proactive.




11 August 2013


I want to thank you for building such a detailed website that is an incredible resource.




6 August 2013


I want to say thank you for this website.  I have spent several months debating over getting a Mac and I just made the purchase last week.  One of my major concerns was accessing my Enterprise Email.  Being a NEW Mac user I had to orient myself to the system, but I managed to get things up and running.  I tried using some of the free CAC enablers, but PKard was well worth the $30.00 and I will suggest this to everyone who asks.




Sunday 28 July 2013


MilitaryCAC has saved my life at least 10 times.  Well, my administrative life, at least.  :)




Thursday 11 July 2013


I would like to say Thank you so much for your impeccable efforts that you have done with  Your site is "the first to go" resource for installing and troubleshooting on Common Access Card situations.




Thursday 11 July 2013 (via YouTube)


Your videos are VERY helpful.  I'm surprised the people who run AKO allowed you to take their ridiculously cryptic download procedures and explain them in a way that ordinary Soldiers can understand.  I will tell others about what you have done.  Big time Kudos to you.




Wednesday 10 July 2013


Have used your site many times and referred most of the guys in my section for their "issues" -- you rock!




Wednesday 19 June 2013


I want to commend you on this site.  You have quite a site and was very useful in helping me to get the CAC up and running on my new Mac.




Tuesday 18 June 2013


I just wanted to thank you for putting up this website, it has helped me on several occasions.  I just switched to OS X last year and getting the CAC reader to work has been a bear.  The tip on downgrading the firmware on the IO Gear reader really made my day.  I really like the reader, nice heavy base, but it would work, then stop working.  Very frustrating, I switched to the Mac for the stability.  Anyway, thanks for the site, I know my Signal friends point all of their troops there for everything CAC related.  Much appreciated.




Friday 31 May 2013


No problems here, thanks to you!  I'm sure you aren't getting paid to do this....but man, you have been a lifesaver! Thanks, Chief!  I was having significant problems with logging into ATAAPS, using OWA, even getting on the HRC website - your "Making AKO or other DoD websites work with Internet Explorer" saved the day.  You have improved my faith in humanity.




Wednesday 15 May 2013


Michael has come to the rescue of thousands of CAC users and his selfless duty to DoD users is incredible.  Anyone who makes a CAC reader is grateful to him.  Thanks Michael?




Monday 13 May 2013


I wanted to say thanks for putting this site together.  These were the easiest instructions I've had to follow in installing Army-necessary software on my home computer, and I'm certainly no tech genius.  Very detailed and thoroughly, and just as thoroughly appreciated.




Saturday 11 May 2013


You are one of a kind!  Your selflessness is a treat to behold.  Please remember to take care of your yourself and your family!  your admirer (hopefully) new Phoenix friend.




Saturday 20 April 2013


Hi, just wanted to drop a note of thanks.  I had given up on getting my CAC reader to work, but with a little patience and your troubleshooting guide, I'm not able to check my messages using my laptop during predeployment training.  Thank you so much!!



Mrs. T

Friday 19 April 2013


Sir, You Rock!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to put everything on your website and for making the videos.  I am retired but I still work for DoD as a civ.  I use your site all of the time, mainly because my G6 is clueless!!  I have shared your page with many of my friends in my building and all over the US.  We have units in every state and three OCONUS locations too.  Trust me, you have helped a lot of us!

Again, thank you!



Thursday 11 April 2013


Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you've done.  There should be some kind of Nobel prize for helping translate arcane network architecture to the masses.




Thursday 4 April 2013


Just wanted to say Thank you.  I work at the DoE and we're switching to mandatory usage of CACs and this site has been greatly helpful.




Monday 25 March 2013


Thanks for taking the time to address my issue.  I appreciate it very much.  Also, thanks for developing  It is a great resource, I visit often.




Wednesday 20 March 2013


Thanks for all your help. I spread the word about your site often. Keep up the awesome work.



Maj MW (Air Force)

Thursday 14 March 2013


No issues any more, thanks to you!  You have filled a cavernous gap in the lackluster offerings of the majority of "Help(less) Desks" I have encountered.  I'm so happy to be able to use my Mac for just about everything I need to do.  Your site makes it easy to find solutions to the majority of CAC problems and the solutions are implementable by someone like me, who is not dyed-in-the-wool computer geek.
Again, thanks for a tremendous service, regarding both CAC's and as a Soldier.



Wednesday 6 March 2013


Couldn't access any CAC enabled websites for months - Following your guide fixed me right up - many many thanks Chief!



Mr TL (YouTube message)

Thursday 28 February 2013


I put the pieces together and figured out how to digitally sign from our video instructions.  Thanks a ton Sir.  I am a Reservist and its annoying having to rely on computer on base at drill to accomplish basic admin tasks.




Monday 25 February 2013


For those that care, many understand my home XP Pro laptop screen died and I have been surviving on an external Monitor.  The first problem is most of the software we use will not work on Windows 8.  I started looking online at possible Windows 7 computers and found thru Best Buy a Win 7 Pro 64 Bit and ordered it.  It seems to be a fine computer and have had little trouble with it.  Some software it can be a challenge.

My biggest challenge has been the CAC reader.  The one most of us were issued 10+ years ago will not work with Win 7.  I went to the PX and all they carry is the IOGEAR.  I am not impressed but I got it working.

Now I have to give a plug to Mr. Michael J. Danberry.  He is a technician that runs a couple of Websites (free) specifically for the Military CAC.  The guy is absolutely tops in my book.  I have all but one thing working so far.

If you try what I did you need to use his websites and do a butt load of reading prior to starting.  Don’t pull a Lew and get started on your own.  I found his site “Thank the Lord” thru Google and glad I did.

I have thank him now for all his assistance.



Sunday 24 February 2013


Mr. Danberry,

I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  You don't know how much the hour you took out of your day resolving ALL of my military computer issues meant to me.  I definitely plan on paying this forward by helping all the military personnel I know with your website and getting through their computer issues.  You have been a blessing to me like I know you are to many others.

I hope all the help you give military personnel doesn't go un-noticed.

Thanks again and I definitely will pass the word about the GREAT assistance I received from you with my Windows 8 computer.



Tuesday 22 January 2013


Great website.  I was able to go step by step and can now log into AKO from home.  I used Coolkey and it is working.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication.




Tuesday 22 January 2013


Thanks Chief for getting me squared away with my PC.  I sure appreciate it.




Friday 18 January 2013


Thanks for your assistance;  tell your boss to give you a raise.




Wednesday 16 January 2013


Thank you so much.  You work so hard for us.  I don't even know if people really understand your unique dedication




Tuesday 15 January 2013


Thank you so much.  I can't tell you how frustrated I was.  Your selfless service in spending so much time on CAC issues is really beyond generous.  Thank you.




Monday 14 January 1013


Just a THANKS - Why are you the only one who knows how to deal with .xfdl files??



AE2 AB (Navy)

Friday 11 January 2013


CAC Guru, Thanks for taking your time to have MilitaryCAC website available for review by members like myself.  It took me a while to click around and understand what your website had to offer.  However, I am now able to use my CAC with my personal computer.  Thanks again!!



ISC JR (Navy)

Saturday 05 January 2013


Just wanted to thank you for saving the day. I received a new laptop with Windows 8 and had difficulty accessing NMIC OWA page would come up but no emails would load. NMCI help desk said they could not help since it was personnel computer. Staples IT stated it was an encryption issue and to call Microsoft. Called Microsoft was on phone for an hour with no resolution, other than to advise me to call Navy for support.  Frustrated I Googled and happened upon your site.  I used the 25 slide PPT to find it was a compatibility view issue.  Once this was checked the OWA loaded without issue.  I can not thank you enough!!!!!!

Mr BT (Navy)
Friday 04 January 2013

Thanks for keeping up the site - would be really lost without it.



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