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Common Access Card help for your 
Personal Mac Computer

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APPLE SUPPORT START PAGE (ALL Mac related pages within MilitaryCAC)


 iPhone and iPad users can use their CAC and access CAC enabled websites using several different software apps and CAC readers (including accessing DTS on your iPad).


Look here for installation steps

Discounts / Virtual Machine options

CAC Enablers (aka: middleware)


How to:

Clear Keychain Access


.Uninstall CAC enabling programs: CSSi, Centrify Express, PKard, CACkey, or OpenSC


Use DTS on your Mac


Watch Mac Videos (Including setting up CACkey with Firefox)


Update the firmware on an SCR331 using LPS


Downgrade the firmware on the IOGear GSR202, 202V, and 203 CAC Readers


Other Information:


Why 10.7.x (Lion) & above versions of OS X have No built in CAC support (Email message)


Customize your iPhone / iPad


The images and links below are for basic (sometimes specific) information about each version of OS X.  Most users can use the "Look here for installation steps" link above

10.11.x (El Capitan)

10.10.x (Yosemite)

El Capitan image Yosemite image

10.9.x (Mavericks)

10.8.x (Mountain Lion)

Mavericks logo Mountain Lion image
10.7.x (Lion)   10.6.x (Snow Leopard) 
Mac OS X Lion image Mac OS X Snow Leopard image
10.5.x (Leopard)

10.4.x (Tiger)

Mac OS X Leopard image Mac OS X Tiger image


GREAT DEALS / DISCOUNTS: / Virtual Machine programs for Mac

Parallels is the most "Mac like"

Parallels 11 Windows 10 USB combo image
Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac combo with Windows 10 (USB flash drive) via Amazon

Parallels 11 image
Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac via Amazon

Parallels 10
Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac via Amazon

Parallels 9 image
Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac via Amazon

VMWare 7 logo
VMware Fusion 7 download from VMware store

Virtual Box logo
VirtualBox download from (click on x86/amd64 next to VirtualBox X.X.X for OS X hosts)

Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack via Amazon for less than the $128.70 List price

Windows 8.1 Pro image
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - Full Version via Amazon for less than the $199.99 List price

Windows 8.1 imae 

Microsoft Windows 8.1 - Full Version via Amazon for less than the $119.99 List price


Windows 10 via USB

Microsoft Windows 10 - Home | USB Flash Drive via Amazon


Mac support provided by:  Michael Danberry

If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry

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