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1.  A CAC reader is not required to log into AKO, only when it is time to change your password and make changes to accounts you sponsor. 
*  Please consider these reasons why you might want to have your own CAC reader at home.


2.  Accessing the below software links will require your AKO (Army Knowledge Online) login and password.  I have found out that the links will work easier and faster, IF you log into AKO first, minimize that page and then use the links on the other pages within this website.


3.  If you want the install to work correctly the first time, I recommend you install the software in the order it is listed on my "one stop shop" page.  This will involve installing the Driver for CAC Reader, downloading and installing the DoD Certificates, downloading and installing ActivClient software, If you plan on working on military forms, you will need to follow information here


4.  Some of the links will open up a new page.  I do this, so you won't lose where you are on the current page.  You may need to allow "pop ups" on this website.


5.  This website is designed to primarily assist US Army personnel.   For support of other Agencies within the Department of Defense visit:

6.  You may purchase ActivClient 6.2 (Works with Windows 7)

7.  DoD case study about the standard for Smart Card infrastructure

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