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1.  You will NOT be able to access your DoD Enterprise Email after your retirement date or CAC surrender date (whichever happens first).


2.  You should download digital copies of all of your files from your iPerms account  (Once logged in, click Download in the upper right corner) this will download a .zip file of all of your records.  You will still be able to access your HRC records via your DS Logon by going to: and selecting Use your DS Logon


3.  The Army CIO/G6 closed retiree [and family member] AKO accounts on 30 June 2014.

See page 6 of the September issue of Echoes (HRCs retiree brochure).


CIO/G6 Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Transition page


AKO Migration Page for Retirees and Family Members (most up to date information)


AKO transition dates:


31 January  2014:

-Email storage removed for retirees (military and civilian) and family members

-Last day for retirees and family members to set up auto-forwarding of their AKO email to commercial email (policy) (waiver)


30 June 2014:

-Army retiree and family members AKO accounts deactivated

-Last day AKO username and password can be used to logon to DoD and Veterans Administration accounts.  DS Logon - My Access Center must be used from this point forward


31 December 2014:

-Auto forwarding of AKO email to commercial email ended


30 March 2015:

-The Army extended the deadline for retirees and family members to access AKO (e.g., files, pages, groups) to 30 March 2015.  You were still able to login to AKO, but had a limited view.


I bring this up, because we've all been led to believe over the last decade that we would have an AKO email address for life.  Current CAC holders already know that their AKO email address is routing to their email address.  So, you may have questions.  If so, look at the FAQs section below






Q1. How do I save my emails from DoD Enterprise Email account so, I don't lose all of them?


A1. You need to visit an Army owned computer, login, setup your Outlook profile, save your email to a .PST file.  Copy the PST to a CD / DVD and you'll have your email.  You will need Outlook on your personal computer to be able to access the .PST file.  Please be aware that encrypted email will be unreadable since it requires a CAC.





Army Echoes mobile app for iPhone and Android


Soldier for Life website.


AKO for Army Retirees page


Original article about a summer 2014 shut off date:


DoD Self Service Logon will replace AKO Single Sign on for individuals affiliated with DoD.


How to set up AKO via Outlook for retirees losing AKO in December or March.


Army CIO/G6 AKO Transition page


If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry




ACRONYM Reference Page


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