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Before you start please download to your Desktop and extract it.


NOTE:  This "fix" has not helped many people lately.  If you have already tried this, uninstall both Pure Edge and ApproveIt.  Restart your computer.  Go into C:\Program Files and delete both the ApproveIt and PureEdge folders.  Once deleted, follow instructions on Lotus Forms and ApproveIt install pages.


Now follow these instructions to resolve the private key issue:


MS Office Fix

1-      Open the following folder C:\Program Files\ApproveIt

2-      Rename the file titled: ADTMSO.dll to ADTMSO.old

3-      From your Desktop open the folder named Private_Key_Fix

4-      Copy the file titled: ADTMSO.dll and paste under C:\Program Files\ApproveIt

5-      Copy the file titled: ADTMSODAC.dll and paste under C:\Program Files\ApproveIt\Office


PureEdge Viewer Fix

1-      Go to C:\Program Files\PureEdge\Viewer 6.5\API\65\System

2-      Rename the file titled: ADTPEDS65.ifx to ADTPEDS65.old

3-      Copy the file titled: ADTPEDS65.ifx from Private_Key_Fix folder

4-      Paste the copied file to: C:\Program Files\PureEdge\Viewer 6.5\API\65\System

5-      Go to C:\Program Files\PureEdge\Viewer 6.5\extensions

6-      Rename the file titled: ADTPESC65.ifx to ADTPESC65.old

7-      Copy the file titled: ADTPESC65.ifx from Private_Key_Fix folder

8- Paste the copied file to: C:\Program Files\PureEdge\Viewer 6.5\extensions

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