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When you attempt to install a program on your computer, you may encounter "Error 2738."  This has nothing to do with the software you are trying to install.  It is in fact a problem with your computer.

Please look at the ErrorCodes Page and type in 2738 in the search box.

The Installation file of ActivClient 6.1  x64 is not supported (as of 30 AUG 09) on Windows 7 due to a different vbscript.dll , therefore when you try to install it under Windows 7 you may receive the following error:

 Error 2738. Could not access VBScript run time for custom action

The Following work around helps to install ActivClient 6.1 (x64) on Windows 7 64-bit

1.      Download ActivClient 6.1 x64 

2.      Download the older version of vbscript.dll from:

3.      Use cmd with administrator privileges (click Windows Circle in lower left corner of your screen, type: cmd into the Search programs and files box, right click cmd and choose “run as administrator”) type:  cd windows\syswow64\ and hit <enter> [there is a space in between cd and windows]

4.      Unregister the current vbscript.dll by typing:  regsvr32 /u vbscript.dll

5.      Download the TAKE GRANT FULL CONTROL PERMISSION registry file to let your user account full access to windows files system from:

6.      Navigate to the:  C:/windows/syswow64 folder, right click on the vbscript.dll file and choose: Grant Admin Full Control, then rename it to: vbscript_new.dll

7.      Paste the downloaded vbscript.dll file (older version) from step 2 into the  c:/windows/syswow64/  folder

8.      Repeat step 3

9.      Register the .dll file by typing:  regsvr32 vbscript.dll  [there is a space in between regsvr32 and vbscript]

10.    Install ActivClient 6.1 x64 from step 1

11.    Once installed delete: vbscript.dll  and rename:  vbscript_new.dll  to  vbscript.dll

12.    Repeat step 4 and then step 9



Note: This has not been tried on the 32-bit version of Windows 7, but might be the same, browse to system32 folder instead of syswow64

For the DoD Certificates download all 4 links (Certificates) in into a folder, then install them:

1.       On your keyboard press the <windows> key plus the <r> key, and in the run windows type: certmgr.msc then select ok.

2.       In the Certificate Manager Window right  click on Trusted Root Certificate, then  choose all tasks, then Import.

3.       Browse for the downloaded certificates (choose file type all to view them)

4.       Choose one by one, click on install to install them, choose YES  when prompted

5.       Once finished, restart your browser and try to log in using your CAC.


I was forwarded this information:  After upgrading Windows XP Virtual machine to Windows 7 x64 Professional, you may not be able to access sites that require your CAC.  Evidently, Windows 7 x64 (and possibly other versions) don't want to present a client certificate over anything but SSL v3.0

So, if you're having problems, be sure to go to Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security (Bottom of the list) and uncheck everything except SSL3 and TLS 1.0.  That should re-enable CAC authentication to DoD PKI websites.

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