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WINDOWS 8 USEFUL INFORMATION / ARTICLES (in no particular order)


10 Things You Need to Know About Windows 8.1

Visit:  How-to Geek



Some Quick Video Tips for using Windows 8


Visit:  Lockergnome



6 Start Menu Replacements


Visit:  How-To Geek



How to Create and Pin Shutdown Button to Windows 8 Taskbar


Visit:  Guiding Tech



Windows 8 Tutorials Quick Reference Index


Visit:  Eight Forums



5 Tasks That Should Have Been Simpler in Windows 8


Visit:  Online-Tech-Tips



7 Killer Tools to Improve Your Windows 8 Experience


Visit:  Guiding Tech



Windows 8 Jumpstart free, online, fast-paced courses


Visit:  Microsoft



Benefits of the Tools menu and Windows Key shortcuts in Windows 8


Visit:  TechRepublic



Automatically Login to Windows 8 with Microsoft or Local Account


Visit: Online-Tech-tips



10 Awesome Improvements For Desktop Users in Windows 8


Visit: How-To Geek



How To Disable the Charms Bar and Switcher Hot Corners in Windows 8


Visit:  How-To Geek



The 10 Best Features in Windows 8


Visit:  Wired



How To Access Network Shares with Windows 8


Visit: Everything Microsoft



The How-To Geek Guide [book] to Windows 8


Visit:  Amazon



How to Enable GodMode in Windows 8


Visit: Online-Tech-tips



Remove Programs from the All Apps Screen in Windows 8


Visit: Online-Tech-tips



10 Awesome Windows 8 Registry Hacks you Might Not Know


Visit: Online-Tech-tips



How to Use Flash on Any Website in Modern Internet Explorer 10


Visit: How-To Geek



How to Delete Windows.Old in Windows 8


Visit:  Lockergnome



The different versions of Windows 8





How To Remove Windows Icon Check Boxes


Visit:  GroovyPost





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